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"Sultana" and "Sultan"

Sultana Wedding Hall


Planning a party? We feature two large Halls Sultana and Sultan, accommodating 150 and 300 guests respectively, providing the perfect setting for both corporate and social functions.


With great success, The Sultana Ballroom combines the Arab hospitality with the Art of five star hotels services. The Sultana Ballroom is proud that in the last four years more than hundreds of thousands guests have entered its door.


Sultan Wedding Hall

Sultan and Sultana are one of the most sought banquet providers in Jeddah. Because of its management experience and professional staff together with the best chef in the region it rapidly grew and created a lot of clienteles from the Royal Family to the most reputable organizations including the Chamber of Commerce Group, big private and public corporations, banks and etc. for their conferences, seminars celebrations, ceremonies and product launchings.

Banqueting Menus

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  • Sultana Wedding Hall

    Sultana Wedding Hall

  • Sultan Wedding Hall

    Sultan Wedding Hall

  • Bride Room

    Bride Room

  • Buffet


A sophisticated setting which can accommodate up to 300 people, Sultan and Sultana Banquet Hall can provide for all your needs. Whether it is a Retirement party, Graduation party, Birthday party, Wedding or, any other celebration.

This is the perfect place to get together with family and friends in exquisite surroundings.

From beginning to end, we can make any occasion a memorable one. For your comfort we have taken every detail into consideration.

For wedding events there is a Bridal Dressing room and sitting room, as well as an elevated stage for bridal table. With our superior service, we are the perfect place to make your dream wedding a reality.