Our Unique Features

We are keen to provide the best services at all events and concerts as well as our full readiness to concerts, lunch and dinner buffet either open or service on the table.
Whatever the numbers you do not hesitate to contact us for advice to get out way that and satisfy your guests.

We are always ready to provide all the unconscious buffets:


  • Snack buffet receptions
  • An open buffet lunch or dinner
  • Service on the table (Set menu) VIP.
  • Packed Lunches (inches Bock)
  • BBQ private parties and shawarma Defined by

Outside Catering


Welcome to Our Outside Catering services. Let our chefs prepare visually stunning and mouth-watering dishes that are nothing short of artistic masterpieces. We assure you that your experience will be a memorable one.


Our elegant dining room, impeccable service and delectable cuisine will ensure that you and your guests enjoy a culinary experience.




The Department outside Catering of Alhyatt Jeddah Continental Hotels organizing concerts and special events.


Whether for businesses or homes whatever the appropriate type and we have all the necessary equipment and preparations for them out in the best image of the beginning of small Snack parties to barbecues.


Lunch & Dinner Menus

Lunch & Dinner Menus 25 Persons
Lunch & Dinner (25 Persons)
| |
Lunch & Dinner 50 Persons
Lunch & Dinner (50 Persons)
| |
Lunch & Dinner 100+ Persons
Lunch & Dinner (100+ Persons)
| |

Reception Menus

Lunch & Dinner 100+ Persons
Reception & Cocktail Menus
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  • Party Arrangements

  • VIP Buffet

  • BBQ & Shawarma

  • Catering Transportation


Whatever your function is. A corporate event, Wedding reception, Family reunion, Conference, Exhibition, Corporate Meetings, Product Launching.


Whatever you are celebrating, we'll go above and beyond with fine food and superior service that can only be found at Alhyatt Jeddah Continental's finest banquet facility.


From a complete buffet and beverage center to a caterering's dream kitchen, Alhyatt Jeddah Continental strives to meet your every need. We provide outside catering facilities for more than 1000 persons.